*Data-4-Modems respects your privacy and we do not share your personal or business data. We implement software and enforce practices to keep your data safe*

  1. A credit card must be on file and customer agrees to pay all fees due with this card as defined below. Any disputed amounts owed will be refunded within 30 calendar days of receipt.
  2. All service plans are paid in advance: Pro-rate for 1st month + full 2nd month based on rate plans chosen, plus a one-time account set-up fee of $25.
  3. Any data that is not used in the billing month does not carryover to the next month. The customer is able to change or cancel data plans 3 days prior to the beginning of the next month.
  4. Overage charges for data that exceed the allowable data chosen in any given month, will be due due at the beginning of the next month. All charges are outlined in the pricing schedules.
  5. Pricing schedules may be updated and considered effective within 15 days after a notice is sent to the email address on file. The customer must notify us of any email address changes.
  6. The customer is not allowed to use any voice or texting services, nor are they allowed to use any international data without prior approval from Data-4-Modems.
  7. Parties agree that all information shared between both parties is considered to be confidential and not privy to any other party, unless requested by a court of law.
  8. Parties agree not to share personal or business information, without prior approval, for the solicitation of business. Nor will either party relinquish financial data to another party.
  • If any of the terms are breached, or if customer is unwilling or able to pay for services due, then Data-4-Modems has the right to immediately deactivate all lines of service. The customer is not relieved from any unpaid or overage charges. The customer agrees not to hold Data-4-Modems liable for any such actions, including, but not limited to a perceived loss of income due to the deactivation of data service. Any state or federal laws that are enforced by a court and require the deposition of information supersedes anything written or stated by either party.